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Stan Baran

A Mobile App Developer

Hi there. I’m Stan, an Orange Park, Florida-based Mobile App Hobbyist. I create and develop mobile Apps. Try my mobile app in the App Store called TSP Alert.

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TSP Alert Project

App Conceptual Design

If you want to move your investments from one fund to another in the Thrift Savings Plan there is an optimal time to do it. Setting custom alerts that work when the app is in the background lets the user establish their own criteria and receive notifications. The app works in the background checking Thrift Savings Plan fund value updates and alerting when criteria are met. The app also provides a non-intrusive way to track your investments in TSP as well as do future value analysis.

Man Trying App

User Experience Update

Most people have found the app useful with features not found in other apps. There was a particularly bad time for the app when the TSP Website was modified in June of 2020. The app crashed since it could no longer get data from the site as it was gathered then. Since then I've developed a new technique which should drastically reduce or eliminate crashes of this type in the future.

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